Monday, February 23, 2009


brady's mother and I have been making some crafts hoping to sale them and earn some extra bucks. We have been making hair clips and bows, tutu's, pillows, signs and much more. If anyone is interested in seeing our catalog please let me know. Email me at if you are interested.

Her Pillows range from $12 and up depending on the design and size. She also has at set for all holidays at $75 and up. I think there are 15 pillows in it. I'll ask her and make sure. Here are just a few of her finished pillows.

This is a first aid kit. perfect for homes, cars, RVs, camping or anywhere. It includes 12 bags with first aid items in each one. They are $10 each. I have plenty of colors avail if you would like a diff color.

Here are some examples of hair clips and bows I've made.Big bows are $3 each. I have many colors available and different designs as well.

Strawberry $1.50, Watermelon $1.00, Pumpkin $1.00, Corn $1.00, Carrot $0.50 each.

Rainbow $1.00, (Bunny $1.75 or 2 for $3.00) I have a lot of colors avail for certain designs. And plenty of other designs for each holiday and season.

Onesie's w/tutu's are $10 each. Newborn to 18 mo. You can pick what color you want on it or leave it how it is. I also have tutu's alone from $7 and up. Depending on size. I can also add little flowers,buttons, or ribbon to the tutu.

Dark pink onesie w/dark pink and white

Floral onesie w/dark pink, light pink, and white

Light pink onesie w/light pink and white

Monday, February 16, 2009

The results are in...

So I found out my CT was normal and nothing was wrong so the DR sent me to have a colonoscopy!!!! :{ Not fun at all, the prep was the worst thing in the world, you take a bunch of laxative and drink Gatorade, Bleh not a fun night. Well after that the Dr who did the colonoscopy told me everything was normal and healthy. But I am still having side pain and am considering being a unsolved mystery I don't want to do any more tests for now we will see what happens! I had over a week off of work and that was the best part although I was sick the whole time.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Erin put on my high heels and walked around the house. So cute. She loves trying on her mommy and daddy's shoes

What is going on?

SO I have had a stomachache and Left side pain for the past two weeks now. And No I am NOT prego, already checked. lol. I went to the DR on monday and she took an Xray of my abdomen to see what was going on and noticed I had gas all around my bowels except the right side where stool was forming, and she told me stool should be forming on the left side so she was worried something was blocking it. So she has me drink water and eat bread for 24 hours to see if it would clear. Well thursday came and I was still feeling sick so she checked my Xray again and noticed a white blob on my left side and hurried and ordered me a CT scan. She is worried my spleen is enlarged and pushing on my Large intestine. So I ahd the CT friday and they had me drink some "YUMMY" Barium. Man I thought I was going to be so sick after drinking that, it was supposedly Berry flavored. I think if it was just plain it would have been easier to drink. The CT scan only took 15 minutes and the iv they put in me made me feel like i was warm all over and peeing my pants but the gal told me that was normal and I really wasn't peeing. lol. When I was done the gal who did it told me my results will be in on monday, but my DR told me they would be done friday afternoon so I called and the DR was out for the day. GREAT... I made an appointment for Monday so wish me luck in finding out whats wrong I hope its nothing bad, something easy they can fix.