Monday, February 23, 2009


brady's mother and I have been making some crafts hoping to sale them and earn some extra bucks. We have been making hair clips and bows, tutu's, pillows, signs and much more. If anyone is interested in seeing our catalog please let me know. Email me at if you are interested.

Her Pillows range from $12 and up depending on the design and size. She also has at set for all holidays at $75 and up. I think there are 15 pillows in it. I'll ask her and make sure. Here are just a few of her finished pillows.

This is a first aid kit. perfect for homes, cars, RVs, camping or anywhere. It includes 12 bags with first aid items in each one. They are $10 each. I have plenty of colors avail if you would like a diff color.

Here are some examples of hair clips and bows I've made.Big bows are $3 each. I have many colors available and different designs as well.

Strawberry $1.50, Watermelon $1.00, Pumpkin $1.00, Corn $1.00, Carrot $0.50 each.

Rainbow $1.00, (Bunny $1.75 or 2 for $3.00) I have a lot of colors avail for certain designs. And plenty of other designs for each holiday and season.

Onesie's w/tutu's are $10 each. Newborn to 18 mo. You can pick what color you want on it or leave it how it is. I also have tutu's alone from $7 and up. Depending on size. I can also add little flowers,buttons, or ribbon to the tutu.

Dark pink onesie w/dark pink and white

Floral onesie w/dark pink, light pink, and white

Light pink onesie w/light pink and white


z&jarnold said...

those tutus are so adorable, you guys are so crafty! If you find out about the railroad ties i'd like to know. Good luck with all of your crafts i'll let people know about them they really are so cute!

Shawn * Bonnie said...

wow, you are very crafty...i wish i was more like you. they are all very cute, too bad i don't have a little girl to doll up...someday...(sigh)