Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brown Air

So the other day when the wind was crazy and fires were everywhere i took some pictures with my phone on how brown the air was, you could see some blue sky and a big brown cloud taking over it made me kinda sick to think that I was breathing that in. My car is still brown because I am afraid to wash it because it might rain mud again .

Trip to Mcall Idaho

My mom, Isabella my niece, Erin, and I all drove up to Mcall Idaho on the 24th of July to visit my Aunt who lives up there. Huckleberries were ready to be picked so we got up there asap so we could make some Jam . YUM! the berries were HUGE. Erin didn't like sitting in the woods picking or playing so she just stuck leaves in her ears lol. Isabella didnt like sitting up in the woods playing with two 2 year olds either but we got a good load of berries.

Weber State fireworks

Since we live so close Erin and I walked over to Weber State to watch the fireworks, we were supposed to meet up with some friends but they wimped out because of the 3 minute rain. But Erin had fun although she was getting tired right at dusk.