Saturday, February 7, 2009

What is going on?

SO I have had a stomachache and Left side pain for the past two weeks now. And No I am NOT prego, already checked. lol. I went to the DR on monday and she took an Xray of my abdomen to see what was going on and noticed I had gas all around my bowels except the right side where stool was forming, and she told me stool should be forming on the left side so she was worried something was blocking it. So she has me drink water and eat bread for 24 hours to see if it would clear. Well thursday came and I was still feeling sick so she checked my Xray again and noticed a white blob on my left side and hurried and ordered me a CT scan. She is worried my spleen is enlarged and pushing on my Large intestine. So I ahd the CT friday and they had me drink some "YUMMY" Barium. Man I thought I was going to be so sick after drinking that, it was supposedly Berry flavored. I think if it was just plain it would have been easier to drink. The CT scan only took 15 minutes and the iv they put in me made me feel like i was warm all over and peeing my pants but the gal told me that was normal and I really wasn't peeing. lol. When I was done the gal who did it told me my results will be in on monday, but my DR told me they would be done friday afternoon so I called and the DR was out for the day. GREAT... I made an appointment for Monday so wish me luck in finding out whats wrong I hope its nothing bad, something easy they can fix.


Shawn * Bonnie said...

Ugh, it sucks having to wait for the dr to see what's going on. I hope everything is ok for you and there's nothing serious going on. Good luck!

z&jarnold said...

Hey what did you find out? are you better now? i hope so!