Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This might be Erin's Halloween costume its a scrub top and pants that I made out of material I took from a pillow case and from old pants I didn't wear. I still havent decided what she will be and halloween is in 4 days! I suck lol. SO Erin won't wear this outfit she is afraid of the cats on it UGH. SO she found her tinkerbell dress and wore it for her costume.It has ribbons on the side to keep it shut!:}

THese sweat pants I made for Erin are way to big but they were the first I ever made and they turned out super cute so she will grow into them, they were a hoodie my mom had with Hakuna Matata written on it.
Erin's Grandpa Kevin (Brady's Dad) had some scrap wood hanging around his shop so I asked him to cut me some and I made this trick or treat blocks, I hand painted the saying.
Pumpkin carving for work ! I also carved one with hands on it since I work with Orthopaedic hand surgeons.

Another pumpkin I painted for a work contest!


z&jarnold said...

those are some cute scrubs, too bad she was afraid of the cats! you did a great job hand painting the trick or treat blocks. Did you win anything with your pumpkins?