Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Brady!

We went to Wendover on Sunday because Brady turned 21 it was so much fun, We stayed in The Nugget in a Jacuzzi suite. Well the first hour Brady hit a Royal Flush on the Poker slot game and won $1000 dollars, and then $200 more on another slot. It was so exciting and fun. We played a few table games but had the most fun on the slots so we kept doing that.We went to all the casino's in town our favorite was the Nugget and Montego Bay they were joined so it was easy to get back and forth. We stayed up til 2:00 Am playing,We left on Monday after noon after we visited some shops and ended up bringing home $1,800 it was Awesome. We went on a shopping spree and got some new clothes and things we have wanted to buy. I'll post pictures when we get the but I didn't take to many because we left the camera in our room.


Shawn & Bonnie said...

that is pretty cool!! everytime i gamble, i never win big. how do you get so lucky???? that's a good way to be treated for your birthday, hope you guys enjoyed it.

Fronks said...

Well that is awesome!! Winner winner chicken dinner!! I am a huge blackjack fan!! Your baby is so cute! Hey I updated my blog so check it out! I hope you are enjoying your new job!! We miss you!!