Thursday, August 21, 2008


Erin went to jail at least she knew what to do! hahaha


z&jarnold said...

so she went to jail for stealing an elephant? jk that was a funny story. is she getting ready to walk yet? makayla will test standing on her own but wont walk on her own yet.

z&jarnold said...

she'll be one on monday and i think i might cry! i'm gonna have a little friends birthday party for her at 11 at lorrin farr park on monday, (its a good excuse to get together with adults!) if you and erin arn't busy and would like to come it would be fun to see you! then were having a family party that night when jared gets home. She saw me wrap one of her gifts and was so mad at me for covering it up, it will be funny to see what she does when she gets to open her presents.