Thursday, July 3, 2008

My New Kitchen Is Done!

After months and months of work we have finally finished our Kitchen. YaY! I love now brady wants to paint the house and sale it but I don't want to because it is finally the way I want it.. We'll see I guess the way the market is going. We painted the cabinets white anfter anding down the ugly wood veneer. We got black with gray specks for the countertop and bought a new oven and dishwasher. I will post before pictures as soon as I can download them. Erin really liked watching I hope she enjoys her new kitchen.


Shawn & Bonnie said...

your kitchen looks amazing, great job!! i bet you are enjoying every last bit of it, and why not, it's fun to have new things in the house!!! ;)

z&jarnold said...

your kitchen is beautiful, good job guys! it is hard work but it is such a good feeling when it is done!